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Trade Agency

In the early days, trade agents travelled to strategic places at important trading routes to promote and sell products from their home country. Even though they moved far away from home, on the international market these trade agents acted on behalf of their community by representing and promoting their home trade. We believe this healthy principle needs to be brought back into international trading.

Therefore, we associate ourselves with you and your domestic trade to be the representative you need for strategic positioning of your products on the global market. This means we take responsibility for your trade as if it were our own while applying the highest international standards.

Facilitate Webstores

From the start, international trade agents identified and carefully chose strategic places along the most important trading routes. A modern trading route that is most important now is the World Wide Web.

Online shopping is a phenomenon that is growing continually and its prospects remain extremely positive. We will help selling your products by identifying and approaching the right webstores on your behalf.

Product Innovation Support

For manufacturers at a distance from the global market it is important to have a trusted and capable representative inside that market who knows how to successfully sell their products. A representative who is well connected with the customers can keep a close eye on changes in customer preferences. We want to serve as an extension of your business and strategically position ourselves to identify the newest trends and developments.

We offer insight and knowledge how to improve your market position by intentional design and creating your own story. We will inform you on changes in customer behaviour and preferences so you can timely make the necessary adjustments. We will also do research on and observe changes in trends and technics so that you can stay ahead and we will support you with our advice.



The world has seen too many reoccurrences of human exploitation caused by producers of export products, it would be a delight if that gets replaced by positive stories. So, if your business contributes to the welfare and wellbeing of your land and community, your product carries a story that the world needs to hear.

It would be our pleasure to bring your products on the global market and tell the story behind these, inspiring customers to choose you and your products above others, building a legacy of fostering craftsmanship and growing the domestic economy.

We will use direct marketing and personalise your brand by encouraging customers to participate and interact. Additionally, we will use promotional channels, blogs, forums and social media to create a voice for you and your brand. On a regular base, together we will review our activities and evaluate the impact.

We enable equal access to the global market, value unique design and activate trendsetters. Our passion is rightful ownership and generational wealth.

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